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There is no structure on the horse that is as susceptible to injury, disease or “wear and tear” than the equine foot. Proper hoof care can often make the difference between a sound horse and one with chronic lameness.

At Bluegrass Equine Podiatry, we combine the art of farriery and blacksmithing with the science of the veterinary medicine. Dr. Cruise treats laminitis, injuries, hoof related infections, and hoof related lameness. He offers comprehensive diagnosis, treatment and maintenance for a variety of foot conditions using medical therapies as well
as therapeutic shoeing.

We welcome the opportunity to work with your current vet and/or farrier to ensure an successful outcome for your equine partner — whether they are a performance horse or backyard companion of any breed.


Dr. Cruise was born and raised in southern Mississippi, and later went on to
attend both undergraduate and veterinary school at Mississippi State University. 
He also attended Oklahoma Horseshoeing School after his freshman year at MSU.
He went on to receive his Certified Farrier accreditation from the American
Farrier’s Association during his senior year of veterinary school. After graduating
in 2013 from MSU’s College of Veterinary Science he took an associate position
with Southern Equine Associates in Pilot Point, TX. Dr. Cruise joined the team
at Fraley Equine Podiatry in June, 2014. In June, 2016, Dr. Cruise started his
own practice, Bluegrass Equine Podiatry.He has a special interest in sport
horses, western performance horses and laminitis. He enjoys spending time
with his wife, Lyndsey, team roping and working his Catahoula dogs.


At Bluegrass Equine Podiatry we offer specialized foot care for your
horse on an ambulatory basis. 
Some of the problems we encounter and treat are listed below:

  • Laminitis
  • Severe Infections
  • Chronic abscesses, punctures, canker and keratomas
  • Advanced White Line Disease
  • Chronic lameness
  • Hoof Wall Defects
  • Juvenile Orthopedics
  • Performance and Sport Horse Shoeing


To schedule an appointment please call us at (601) 597-1123.


To treat this mare the heels were trimmed back to be parallel to the wings of the coffin bone, while not removing any horn or sole beneath the apex of the coffin bone. This recruits more weight bearing surface area. A rocker was trimmed into the toe, starting in front of the apex of the coffin bone, leaving maximum sole depth beneath the apex. A shoe with heel elevation and breakover starting beneath the coronary band was applied. The heel elevation helps negate the pull of the DDFT after trimming the heels and allows an aggressive heel trim to be used to create more weight bearing surface. The rocker brings breakover behind the coronary band, preventing upward leverage on the dorsal lamina. A pour in pad was used as well to further recruit more solar surface into a weight bearing role and to protect the apex of the coffin bone.

This is a brood mare with chronic laminitis.

Key physical features to notice: dishing at the toe due to failure of the dorsal lamina, tight pronounced growth rings at the toe vs wider rings at the heel, prolapsed solar surface, and dorsal toe cracks.

Key radiograph features include diminished sole depth, enlarged H-L zones, and rotation of P3.

"My 29 year old mare was a medial sinker, she foundered last summer and was sound until I moved her 2400 miles from California. After 60 hours on a trailer the poor girl
had a relapse. Someone must have been watching over us as Dr. Cage Cruise was the one who answered our call for help. I was so impressed when he walked up to my mare, knelt down and started examining her hoof and told me exactly what was going on with her
feet without ever seeing xrays. He knows his stuff. Fast forward 3 months and my girl is out of her boots, has glue-on shoes, is running and bucking and enjoying being turned
out daily. She is as sound as she was the day she left California. We couldn't be happier." ~L. Palazzolo


Friday, September 30, 2016 - Battle in the Saddle
We are very excited to announce that we will be the Official Podiatrist of the Battle in the Saddle on September 30th at the KY Horse Park! This great event benefits the KY Horse Park Foundation and will be a fun night for the whole family. Dr. Cruise will be there set up and ready to take care of any needs the horses in the competition might have! Be sure to come out and say hello!


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